LOW 48 - Predictions

This episode of LOW features Johnny and just Johnny hosting the podcast and sharing with everyone what his predictions are for 2015! Ranging from personal aspirations to tech predictions. First up is brand new Apple TV that ties in all other Apple devices. Then the Apple watch follows suit and Johnny thinks this one is a slam dunk! There will be a new Apple Macbook Pro Air, 12 inch display with retina. Johnny is also hoping to get some decent internet. There will be some re-releasing of previous podcasts from when Dear was gone. Dear prediction is he and Dear will stay together and be happy or discontinue. Health will either improve to a better mental and physical health or it will stay the same. Weight, same idea, will either gain weight or lose weight. Determined to have a different LOW website by the end of 2015 and maybe another podcast. Contemplating getting another dog. Brooks & Dunn ticket for one but hoping he will get to go with a certain someone. Another is have more contact with his chosen family: Joyce, Lisa, and Dina. The final prediction is Apple will utilize Siri in all devices and give her full potential for success!


Hosts: Johnny Wilde@lifeofwilde

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