LOW 50 - Suicide & Aunt Joan

This episode of LOW starts off by discussing suicide, yes he said it. Johnny has a friend he is nicknaming Weatherford and Weatherford is a girl. The story is her parents were childhood sweethearts and were married for a very long time. Then Weatherford’s mother passed away and her husband, Weatherford’s dad, became depressed and also has some health issues. So, they decide that he is going to go live with Weatherford. While living with Weatherford, the dad decides he no longer wants to live and kills himself because he feels like he is a burden. Johnny deeply relates to those feelings because he feels he is a burden to his dad. Moving on to Johnny’s Aunt Joan. She had always been there for Johnny during his childhood but when Johnny retired from public life they lost contact. Then one day Johnny stopped by to see her and had a very interesting conversation about his dad, mom, and grandma. Tune in to hear what all was said!


Hosts: Johnny Wilde@lifeofwilde

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