Is It Obvious? PART 2

I have since discovered that this was our agreement, she did not honor her end of the deal. Once again just to clarify, we were in no way in an exclusive relationship yet we had agreed that if we wanted to see other people we would just tell the other and deal with it at that time.

In the beginning she was spending the night at my house a lot. I remember her getting up and leaving early the next morning and she always said she had early class. Seemed reasonable to me. What I have discovered was she was not getting up early to go to class but she was getting up early to go meet up with a different guy and have breakfast with him. I don't know about you, but I call that a date. Whether she counted it as a date or not why not just tell me? Had we not agreed to tell each other about this very thing and deal with it up front and out in the open?  Unfortunately that is just the tip of the iceberg. 

What I cannot figure out for the life of me is why all this lying and deceitfulness? If I want to do something other than what I'm doing I'm just upfront about it and then I go do whatever it is that I'm wanting to do. Is that really that difficult? I know men and women are different. I know Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, but is there any room for just commonsense? I know now that there were plenty of warning signs I just chose to ignore them. Actually, I chose to think there is good in everyone. Not every girl is out to get me so to speak. Not every girl will lie, deceive and hurt me.

Let's start with the very first warning sign.
We became an exclusive couple. Not long after, she asked me if I would have a problem with her going out with one of her girlfriends and her boyfriend and the boyfriend's best friend. Should be no problem right? Seems like a perfectly reasonable request? There's one more important............