Misc. Adventures

I said that I would write something either once a week or every other week and I have decided to write something every week. At this moment, I am feeling chaotic and everything feels like it’s disorganized and I’m sure I am the cause for it! I go through periods where I really want to go out there and do things then I have times where all I want do is sleep. I don’t know if anyone goes through these sort of things but I do! I am trying to figure out how to be more consistent because it drives Johnny crazy when I go through these phases especially since we BOTH don’t know how long they last. I think it would also help my overall well being if I was more consistent in my way of being because then that would help me understand myself better. Right now, I feel like I am on the precipice to something much larger than myself. Something that I hope I can turn into a positive. I want to embark on more journeys to really figure out who I want to be and most importantly what I want out of life. Let me know if you experience some of the things I do and I would also love some feedback or some ideas as to what journeys I could embark on! Toodles. Dear