Dear's Corner of Randomness

I promised Johnny and the listeners, well mostly Johnny because I don't even know if the listeners would care what I have to say, that I would start writing more often on the blog. So here it is me writing on the blog. 

I am not really sure how I want to go about doing this so I am not giving it any particular theme. I understand if most, or all, of Johnny's followers hate me and don't care what I have to say. I will reconcile with that in time. The only thing that I am going to say about that right now is I am sorry but you don't know me, you just know what Johnny has written about me. I am of the opinion that you don't really know anyone until you have met them and spent time with them......

Moving on......the last couple of days have been hard for me emotionally. I do have a personality disorder that is called Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). I do my best to not let it define me as a person but things get a little crazy inside my head sometimes. Unless you have this disorder, there is no possible way for you to understand what it is like. Which is ok. I am not asking you to understand the full extent of my situation. 

To sum up all this randomness, I am going to finish on this note:

To be or not to be?