Dear and her new boyfriend - Part 2

I said there should be no reason in the whole wide world that you should ever be alone with a eligible guy and no reason in the whole wide world that I should be alone with an eligible girl correct? She said that is correct. Well the day she moved low and behold her battery died on her phone? And as far as I know she's been alone with eligible guys several times. I'm sure to hear her tell it those guys wouldn't count for some reason.

I wasn't thinking about this before she moved out, But after she moved out I was thinking, I wonder how much effort she will put in to come to see? That answer has been very clear. None. She will put in a lot of effort to see her counselor but no effort to see someone she's been with for three years?

I don't care how flat you make a pancake it always has two sides. Dear can't you see how happy he is that there is distance between us? At one point he even said “you've done some good work”??? There's no secret about what Dr. Snuggs thinks about you and me. Do you remember when you first met me I went to him a lot more often? And now I go to him maybe twice a year? There is a big reason for that. I am not going to purposely put myself in a situation with a professional that I know does not like you. I go see him twice a year because I have to to maintain my medications and that's it. It really puzzles me that you even admitted the other day that our relationship has done nothing but go downhill the more you see Neil but then the more you want to go? I thought I had your word of making me number one? You're my Princess, I'm your Prince? I guess all of that sounded good at the time. Did you end Neil have a good Thanksgiving? What do you and Neil talk about in the evenings and at nighttime? Other than how bad I am? People think I'm joking here but I'm not. You and Neil do some texting in the evenings and night time you don't find that odd? 

You told me one time you didn't want to become too dependent upon me. Have you ever thought you might be too dependent on someone else? You still have not opened up and let me in? Ask Neil to look over your loan situation with your credit union and your credit card situation with the film as well. I'm sure he will be happy to. You and I both know how this works. Remember I told you let's try to stop putting things in between us and start removing things between us. I've often said that 80% of affairs happen in the workplace, and that also includes places you frequently go and are around the same people. 

I really can't believe we are right here where we are dear? Want happen to I'll do anything to make it up to you? You're just not interested in me and the sooner I learned that the better off I'll be. I remember you telling me that you were going to put the Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving. I remember thinking to myself let's see if that really happens and let's see if she's even hear then. The Definition of Commitment...