Dear And Her New Boyfriend

The long and short of the Dear deal is she wanted to move out but continue to date me. She did move out and she also just cannot seem to keep her word. Even on the smallest of things. I told her that I have to learn that I can trust her on the small things before if I could even consider trusting her on the bigger things. 

We agreed that she would not change her work schedule until we both had talked about it. The first time it happened she waited till the very end of the day and tried to just sneak it in like it was no big deal. After all this time she still hasn't learned it's that kind of crap that actually hurts me worse. Her trying to sneak things in and acting like they're not a big deal. Ridiculous. Then the second time was actually the day she moved. I was supposed to take her to work at a certain time and I had things planned up until that time and all of a sudden she came home and said I've changed my schedule I have to go in earlier.

I asked her before she moved just make sure, are we still dating? Are we still in a committed relationship? She said yes and yes. I said there should....