One of the really great benefits of having a girlfriend in the wintertime is they keep you warm. Girls seem to always be cold, But they're always warm to the touch it seems to me. One thing about Dear I used to always call her my little burrito because she was always hot. Hot to the touch but according to her she was freezing all of the time. She was also a lot of fun to snuggle up with. But you know want, I've got to start doing what one of my friends is telling me to do. He's telling me anytime I think about anything God concerning dear I need to think about three or four bad things. I have always believed that if you're having relationship issues you should turn inside the relationship not outside. But Dear has chosen to turn outside our relationship and it seems to be really working for her because she wants nothing to do with me. She doesn't want to see me, she doesn't want to be intimate with me, and today I even found out that she doesn't even want to date me. It's still so weird to me how she can go from I love you so much and were going to work this out and I want to spend the rest of my life with you to having a few bumps in the road and her just calling it off? She consistently spends time with an individual that does nothing but sabotage us. I figure if it works for her maybe it'll work for me so I'm going to start spending a lot of time with someone that really doesn't think she's good for me. If you hear something long enough you tend to start believing it. It's really sad to me that she was only here for 60 days and then left me for another man. Yes I know she doesn't love me but I was just really hoping that she did. One last thing. I hope the guy that is telling her that we are not good for each other is there for her when it's cold outside and she needs someone to hold her to keep her warm. I hope that guy is there for her each and every day and night supporting her. I'm sure he will be as long as she continues to pay him. People like that tend to stick around as long as the money doesn't run out. Just think how far along we could've been by now. I really thought we were going to have an awesome Christmas.