Homework assignment for March 27, 2015 - Part 2

2. Goes to my doctors appointment with me and that takes a lot out of her. - What Dear said

What I think she meant - I have no earthly idea what I think she meant?

My response - this is the first time I've ever heard anything like this from her? I have never required her or made it a condition of her being with me to go with me to any doctors appointment or anywhere else for that matter. Sometime she goes with me to doctors appointments and sometime she doesn't. I have told her in fact that I really appreciate it when she does go. I told her that I feel like sometimes I forget to say things and she remembers things that I don't. I have to admit when she said that I was stunned. Don't worry she will not be going to any more doctors appointments with me at all. I don't need a babysitter. And my last question would be, how does it take a lot out of her? She told me when we first got together that she appreciated me being honest about my health issues. As our relationship progressed, she even started her own business so she could help me pay for a specialist for my health condition. I never asked her to do that at all. That is just what she told me one day. The real truth was she used the façade of starting her own business to go hang out with other guys. She would tell me that she was having a business meeting when in fact she was laying around with another guy watching movies or going to dinner or whatever else they did?

Dear's response - 2a. I do appreciate that Johnny is upfront and honest and I also understand that also means that when he is upfront and honest it is not always in a kind way. I learned to get used to that. When I say that going to his doctors appointments take a lot of me I mean that emotionally because I don’t like seeing Johnny the way he is in terms of his health. It also reminds me that I did abandon him at times when he needed me and emotionally that takes a lot of me, not physically. The result I get for expressing my thoughts about this is for Johnny to not want me to go to any of his doctors appointments anymore? To me that seems a little immature.