I wonder if?

I emailed Dear asking her to watch a certain movie and listen to a certain song. I wonder if she ever actually did that? I really do miss her and time heals nothing for me. It actually just makes it worse because the more time that goes by means it's been that much longer since I saw her and got to hug her and kiss her. I totally believe that when you want something you have to just go for it. You may not know how you're going to get it but you just have to make up your mind that you're going to get it and go for it 100%. Unfortunately I do not believe that dear thinks this way. What is life without taking some chances and some risk? All good things happen at the point of making a decision. And by not making a decision you're actually making a decision for the bad side. For example if you want something but you don't go after it because your not sure how to get it then you're deciding that you really don't want it. I don't believe you will never get anywhere by saying you want something but you're just going to wait and see if you can figure out a way to get it or wait and see if maybe it comes to you or any of that stuff. You have to be an active participant in your life and if you want something go for it 100%. Figure out your why and the how will take care of itself.