Submissiveness - Dance

I found this letter when I was going through some old files. It's still warms my heart today when I read it. Does anyone know a girl that thinks this way? If so send them to me please.

Let’s put some icing on the cake for the topic of submissiveness. Women want a strong man. A man who will take the lead in the relationship. A man who will take the initiative to set the tone for the relationship and their lives. For example, when you go dancing. A man who firmly grabs your hand and waist let’s you know he knows what he’s doing. He’s going to lead, you will follow. A man who is unsure or flimsy will end up being led by the woman. A man who is holding on too tight, will squeeze the woman and make her wish the song would end faster so she can get away. Men who have a strong consistent confidence will make their women feel safe and cared for. As a result, she will submit.


Personally, I submit to all the men in my life in some form or another. Since I’m not currently in a relationship the best current example I have is my boss. He is a strong man. He is demanding and hard hitting. However, I’m invaluable to him because he knows I will always give him what he wants. I am always loyal. And, most importantly since we have a working relationship built on trust, I always tell the honest and brutal truth. He respects me for meeting his needs and I respect him for valuing my opinion.

I also almost always submit to Wilde...however I don’t like to admit that.

The Girl