A Little Bit Sad

Relating to LOW 61 Podcast


It also made me a little bit sad listening to it. I always thought we had great chemistry together doing the podcast. I thought we had good chemistry all the way around as far as that goes. I haven't been writing that much about her, but I think about her every day. I've been attempting not to write very much about her because honestly it hurts my feelings knowing that she doesn't ever think about me. Or at least she doesn't think about me as often as I think about her. And how do I know this you ask? It's simple, I will tell you from my perspective because I cannot speak for her I can only speak for myself.

I really fell in love with her. I never stopped loving her and I still love her. Even when she did things that were obvious deal breakers and she would leave, I always gave her another chance. In fact she left three different times but we never went any longer than three weeks before I went and got her because I loved her so much. I always thought we had something special together that I couldn't just go get from someone else. I had never felt the kind of love with other people that I felt with Dear. I really and truly thought we had something special and I thought that we would be together forever. It's like I told her when she left, I had no idea that we had a timeframe of working things out. I just thought that we would work things out together. Because people that have committed to be together for good or bad don't just break up. I really feel like she miss led me in that area. She told me that she loved me and that she would love me forever. She also told me many times that she wanted to be with me forever, she wanted to spend the rest of her life with me. People don't understand me for not getting over her. But excuse me, when someone that you are in love with tells you those things and then it turns out to be something totally different it saddens me. It saddens me a great deal.  Sorry I got a little off-track I was telling all of you how I know she doesn't think of me every day like I do her.

From my perspective if....