I was thinking about MISS the other day. Let me be 100% honest. I was comparing MISS and Dear a little bit the other day. The one conclusion I came to is at least MISS didn't lead me on for three years on some wild goose chase. I've always been proud of myself that I've been able to remain friends with most of my ex-girlfriends. Of course some time has to go by. At least a good year with no contact at all. Then don't get me wrong it's not like my ex girlfriends and I are then best friends. I'm just saying that if we run into each other we are civil to each other. With a few of them I talk to them a couple of times a year. Dear I know will be different. If I cannot get some things resolved then I won't ever want to talk to her again. But back to MISS for second. It's been well over a year since we have spoken. I can see her being someone that I would talk to once or twice a year. Of course if that something she wants. I don't know if she reads this but if she does, MISS how are you doing? Do you do you remember when we were dating I went to Las Vegas to see Shania Twain and she actually called me up on stage to meet her? MISS do you also remember me saying someday I would love to take you to Shania Twain concert? Well I've got this wild idea that I wanted to run past you. I just happen to be able to put my hands on two Shania Twain tickets for when she comes through Austin. I know you're still in the Austin area and I do believe that you are working at the Home Depot and have gotten your life on track. By the way your hair looks absolutely gorgeous. I'm really proud of you forgetting your life on track and in a positive direction. How about it MISS, dinner and Shania Twain concert in Austin?

Just for the record I would rather go by myself at this point then go with Dear. What people fail to realize is that I felt totally safe with dear. I felt more safe and secure with her then I have anyone else ever. She listened to all of my deepest most fears. She knows things about me that no one knows. Then she methodically took that information and did some things to me that were my worst nightmare. Because she knew exactly which buttons to push. Hey everyone makes mistakes I understand that. But it's what you do after you make the mistake that counts. Still to this day she has yet to show up at my house and say the words I'm sorry let's talk.

At least I know with MISS we could go and have a good time. She never had the evilness in her to try to completely destroy me. Dear knows exactly how I tick. She has done nothing to try to make this easier on me. This is the worst thing I have ever been through in my entire life.