LOW 61 - Where's the Lady with the Torch

I had completely forgotten that I had recorded this episode. This episode was recorded a few months ago but never put out. The reason for this was Dear and I had decided to be very consistent on putting out a new episode every Sunday. You know me I like to be prepared, I suggested to her that we recorded episode that was not time sensitive and could be put out anytime. Just in case something happened and we couldn't record live one Sunday. The result is this episode.

I just listen to it and it is actually pretty good if I say so myself. It's got some really fun stories in it.

Don't get mixed up and think that Dear and I got back together when you hear it because you know that it was recorded earlier. Listening and thinking about this episode has brought up many emotions for me. I am going to continue to write about them over the next few days.

Hosts: Johnny Wilde Maria Ochoa