Dear - Dear - Dear

When Dear was getting ready to leave me again she promised me that she would get some items ready for our friend Steve.  Dear did not honor her commitment. This is the message I got from our friend Steve today. - Have a pickup to return amazon pkg. Please leave out tomorrow thanks Steve - I really didn't think she would screw me on that. I really thought she would keep her word. I used to ask her. Dear what do we have left? Dear for real what do we have left? Why does it feel like everything we worked so hard on as been slowly dismantle?

Dear, I love you more than I've ever loved anyone. You are my angel! I'm just not strong enough to sit and watch you systematically destroy everything we had build together. Someone told me one time that it's not the break up that kills you. It's what you do during the break up that makes it so hard to get back together after you've been broken up? - Dear you're my everything, I would give anything

I wish you were here right now trying to squirm in bed with Matty and Pacey and I. I sleep so much better when you're here were with me because I know your safe. I'm so sorry it didn't work out. I love you dear.