I Thought I Didn't Use Correct English?

I got this email from my mother the other day. As most of you know I don't really have much of a relationship with my mother. I don't remember the last time I spoke with her. It's not that I wouldn't speak to her If she called me but she just never calls. When you read what she wrote, you might be asking yourself some questions. Things like orange chocolate, also about a bedroom suit that she got when she was seven I believe, and a sugar shaker? Just know that the questions you're asking are the same ones I'm asking myself. For those of you that don't know my mother used to be a school teacher. And she used to really get on me about my grammar and spelling. As bad as I am still with my grammar and spelling I think she might not know her grammar and spelling as well as I thought she did or someone's been in the bottle again? I'm asking that the editors leave my mother's e-mail as it is written.

I'm glad that dear is here to help me through these difficult times! After all, she did say she would do whatever it takes and she would always be here for me.

She never cared. She just wanted to use me like all of the others. Ironically it is now September 2015. September 2014 is when I went to get her and ask her to come back because I was scared that she would not be safe if she were left alone. I asked her to give me a year. She didn't give me the year and it is horrific what she did when she was left alone. I now realize I cannot protect someone that doesn't want to be protected. And I cannot love someone that does not want to be loved. I just wish I would've known three years ago that she was never going to have authentic feelings for me. Actually she does have authentic feelings for me. She hates me for some reason. Maybe I threw her sugar shaker away?


You must enjoy being mean and hateful.   Strange……. since you were such a sweet and happy little boy.  I remember the good times we had together such as watching “Knight Rider”, “the Dukes of Hazzard”, and “ Dallas” on Friday night.  You also helped put the Christmas decorations we well as take them down.


On your blog, you said that I didn’t remember your birthday.  Oh yes I did.  I sent a card along with money with dad’s.  Did I get a thank you???  Many things you say in your blogs are nothing but inventive lies.  I thought you would be so happy with orange chocolate…………not a word of thanks.


I takes a really really mean person to destroy another persons belongings.  I told you how much that bedroom suite meant to me.  Mother and Daddy bought for me when I was seven years old.  I told you all about it.  YOU threw it in the trash.   Nana would be very sad about that.  She loved you so much and wanted you to turn out to be a good sweet young man.  You are just the opposite of what she wanted you to me.  And why else would you throw away an antique sugar shaker that was given to me by my mother if it was not just another mean thing to go.  Mean goes along with evil.


Thank goodness I can go to my grave knowing that I never talked ugly or disrespected my parents  I certainly never struck my parents as you have.  I am worried about your soul when you die because you have broken so many of the Ten Commandments.


Now, FALSE MEMORIES.  Dr. Phil has discussed this on some of his shows.  You have a lot of false memories.  You have told them over and over again until you have forgotten the truth.  You had to come up with some excuse for not living with me so you made up a big lie.  You said you could not stay here because you had to leave in the middle of the night to walk go Nana’s   NOT ONE WORD OF TRUTH IS IN THAT!!! Reasons not true”(1) you would not be able to find her house from mine in the middle of the night and (2) If you have done that, Nana would have killed me.  True, you did leave here one Sunday afternoon (NO DRINKING INVOLVED) and took off walking to Nana’s.  You went the wrong way (in broad daylight) and I picked you up near the mall and took you to Nana’s house and she took you to Wall.  I wish Nana were here.  She would back up this story.  She worried all of the time about you being so mean and rude to me.  One day, she finally said,  “just leave him alone”.  “He will be sorry someday.”


Now you finally come up with another reason to belittle and hate me  It is so ridiculous and stupid.  It is the “abortion excuse”.You know in your heart that is not true.  That day in Smith’s office, you came in angry that morning and you were determine to say things  that had build up inside of you.  You talked to me in a very hateful tone of voice   (not for long because we were no in the office over 10 minutes) and you kept repeating over and over  in very loud voice.  “I wish you had just aborted me”.  You said it over and over and the stupid Smith just sat there.  I finally said,”I would have if I had known you were going to act like this”.  Then I laughed.  IT WAS A JOKE.  TRYING TO RELIEVE THE TENSION IN THE ROOM.  If you have it recorded, go on and listen to it.  That is exactly what happened and the stupid man just sat there.  Oh yes, he was ready to take the money.


The first time I went to Smith’s office, I got there before you.  He came out and asked me not to tell you the things about Dxxxx Bxxxxxxxx.  He was arrested for stalking her and getting on her roof at her house out at Bentwood.  He did several terrible things But, I kept my word and did not you tell .  Look it up…….it is on the police reports.


I was really disappointed when Dr. Jeffers would not help us.  I think that would have sorted out the problems.  About two years ago when he was still seeing patients, I went to see him.  I told him about the incident in Smith’s office and what I said and that you attacked me.  Then I told him you were  hurt and I came out and bought you some fruit and you attack me again.


His advice to me was this question…….”Do you know what the definition of insanity is?   I said no I did not.  The definition of insanity is                      DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AND GETTING THE SAME RESULT.


In other words, he was telling me to quit trying to explain things to you or trying to make peace with you because it always ends up the same for me .  Nothing works and I am not insane.


Dad and I are both old now.  You should be taking care of us.  If I were you I would not bite the hand that feeds you.


You are my one and only child and I love you despite what all mean and ugly things you have done.  You better start worrying about your soul and do some talking to God.


Love, Mom