Please, Pease, Please

Please, please, please I just want my life back. Two years ago I was the luckiest guy in the world . I was so happy that I had found someone that I could make happy. She was so beautiful. She was just stunning. I just remember looking at her thinking whoever let her get away was really dumb. She also had this awesome personality to go with her looks. Her smile and her laugh our infectious. When she smiles at you you feel like you can do anything. I had it all going for me, she would've done anything for me.

She adored me just like I adored her. I thought that I had finally found the girl for me. The one. Even though it's too late for us I want everyone to know that I love you dear. Love you Maria. You're the most special girl in the entire universe to me. I think about you every night before I go to bed and you're the first thing I think about every morning.