Dear Hasn't Gotten Any Better

Dear hasn't gotten any better. In fact she's even gotten worse. She came over last night and told me a whole new set of lies. Now she's decided to live in San Angelo. I guess she's run out of married men to sleep with back where her mother and dad live and her sister lives. She told me supposedly she's going to live here so she can still see her counselor. I hate to tell her but her but her counselor cannot help her when she is lying this badly. And what I mean by this badly is she's even believing her own lies. She told me that she hasn't talked with any other guys since we've broken up. We've been broken up less than a week. Only problem is she has been talking with another guy. She's been texting him good morning, just checking on you, do you have a girlfriend, and this is my personal favorite I am all gooey inside. She's gotten a job at holiday cleaners. If you're looking for an easy girl that is desperate swing on by. I call her dear but I am no longer going to call her that. That seems like a term of endearment. She is certainly no dear. She is just plain Maria Ochoa. She prefers married men. She told me it makes her feel powerful that a married man will choose her over his wife. She also told me that married men are easier to manipulate. She doesn't have to spend much time with them because they're worried about getting caught and she doesn't have to talk to them or text them much for the same reason. She also told me that she gives them what their wives won't give them in the bedroom that's how she keeps them hooked. And then they start financially providing for her. These are her words not mine. The last married guy she was with provided her with a debit card to go shopping with. Never mind that he was in his 60s and had grandchildren. I'm not a girl but I find that gross. And just to think that I really thought she was going to change. She will never change. She only gets worse. I gave her every opportunity to come clean and she still just sat right there and looked me in my eyes and directly lied to me. She really has more problems than I even realized. But the worst thing is, is that she doesn't want to change. She likes doing what she's doing at least that's what she told me. She said it makes her feel powerful and and beautiful to have unprotected sex with a random guy. Her newest thing is, doing two or three random guys within the same week. She said she likes to mix it up. I'm so glad that I am done with her. I never ever want to talk to her or see her again. Ever. She has done nothing but completely destroy my life. Feel free to Google Holiday Cleaners San Angelo Texas and Maria Ochoa. And trust me you won't have to do any of the work. She'll ask you for your phone number and she'll call you and ask you if you want to meet in the park to talk. That's usually how she starts out.

I gave her her final chance to come clean. And she said she was adamant about not telling the truth. I don't wish her well and I would warn all of your friends with boyfriends and husbands about letting them go to Holiday Cleaners. In her own words she said I know how to manipulate a guy to do whatever I want him to do. I'm telling you she's good and what makes her so good is she doesn't have a conscience at all. I mean zero. She starts work tomorrow so watch out. And also she'll be living at Angelo Place so you may want to watch out there. I'm telling you I wasted three years of my life on her. Not only was it a waste but she completely destroyed my life. And the worst part about it was she completely enjoyed it. Goodbye Maria Ochoa. I never ever want to talk to you or see you again. Please move away from San Angelo and destroy someone else's life. Also if you want to find her on Twitter just look for @meob18

Here's want to look for. This is when she gets caught in a lie