Day 1 - Dear

Today is day one of no dear. I feel such a mixture of emotions. I think I am majorly guilty of something I was accusing dear of. I think I have been so in love with who I thought she was and what I thought we were together. It's the little things I really miss getting to do with dear. It may sound silly but in the three years that we lived together we formed our own traditions I guess you could say and routines. One of those was we always stayed up all night and ordered the new iPhone every year when it came out. Then on the day of delivery she would always call our UPS guy and ask him if she could meet him somewhere so she could get it early for me. Today I got the new iPhone but it's not nearly as cool to get to play with all the new features and learn about it without her. Just little things like that. I texted her a photo of the new iPhone and told her I missed her but I didn't even get a response. We used to always watch Shark Tank together and tonight is the season premiere. Once again no dear. I can't blame her it's time for us both to move on. But it still doesn't make it any easier. Nevertheless as bad as you want to you can't make someone love you.