Very Interesting - Not Surprising

Very interesting but I guess not surprising. Our official anniversary, if you want to call it that,  is January 5. Let me back up here for just a second. When she first left on November 17th I did not hear from her except for her getting my dad to bring her out here. I had indicated on LOW that I had just thrown all of her stuff away and I was just so sad about the whole situation. Then more recently I indicated on LOW that I had not thrown all of her stuff away. On January 7, I received the following email:

Hi. I know that things have not happened the way we all hoped they would and I'm sorry. I hope that you're doing ok. I'm sure that you and I both don't want to deal with any more problems or issues. I'm sorry that you are hurting, I really am. I want to do things as civil as we possibly can. I think we owe that to each other. I still have your phone and I will gladly give it back to you. I would like to get all my things from your house. Like you said before, I will only take with me what I brought with me the last time. I would really appreciate it though if I could get my things back. I know that you want and need to move on and so do I. Please let me know when we could set something up. 

I really hope you're doing ok. 


Wow, you're with someone all that time, you live together and then you get an e-mail like that. Could it possibly get any drier? I would bet you $100 that she did not write that email by herself.  Dear, you do not talk that way. In my opinion you're letting other people think for you and you're not listening to your heart. The other day I got a text message from her saying, "Wondering if I could schedule a time to pick up some of my stuff?" So let me get this straight, you're going to move out for a temporary time frame, and you make it very clear that you still want to be in an exclusive relationship with me, but the next time you want to see me is to get some more of your stuff?

How much do you want to bet that I don't hear from her ever again after I say what I'm about to say? Dear, I don't have any of your stuff. You left in November this is January.

You know what I would bet $1000 on as well? That she's been sexually active with other people. Remember Dear, you told me you wouldn't do that again because Neil was helping you. Remember the last time you left for four months and you said that you figured I didn't want anything else to do with you. Well you're right. I should've listened to my gut instinct back then. I knew there would be another guy I would have to deal with but I had no idea there would be three of them and one of them would be married. I can only imagine what you've gotten yourself into now.

As crazy as it sounds to other people, I do want you to know that I do love you and I hope someday you will begin to love yourself. Maybe someday you will realize that. I will not allow you to hurt me any longer. 

Seriously Dear, I don't have any of your belongings.  If I come across any of them, I'll be happy to let you know and you can pick them up or I can mail them to you.  You also offered to help with any book work problems I might come across, is that offer still open?  I haven't run across anything yet, but if I do or Michelle does is it okay to ask you about it?