Now For The Hard Part - Pacey - Part 3

For example, I get a lot of anxiety when I go to the doctor, so I just put her service vest on and she goes with me. I can't even remember the last time I went to the doctor without her. She would go with me to the stadium and ride around on the golf cart with me. When I had to get off to do something she would wait to see if she could go with me and if not she would just wait on the golf cart. There are definitely perks to having a perfectly trained dog. I live out in the country by myself and she is trained not to bark unless it is serious. I cannot tell you how safe I feel with her. When I had my office in town both she and Mattie would go with me every day. That was literally part of the deal. I had it written in my lease that they were able to go.

I fully realize that there are some people out there that are not really dog people. For those people they will not understand any of this. But for the people out there that our dog people they will understand how close of a bond you can form with your special friend. Both Mattie and Pacey have outlasted many girlfriends. For Pacey and I, it's been a 12 year long wonderful relationship and still going. Even if you're not a dog person maybe you can understand this. I have never been married, I do not have any kids, I do not have any brothers or sisters, and I am currently single. My two girls are all I have.

 Pacey and Mattie

Pacey and Mattie

Now for the hard part. A few weeks ago on a Saturday Pacey was running a very high fever, I called my vet at home and he advised me to give her some medications that I had on hand and to call him the next day at 11:30. The next day at 11:30 ......

Part 4 SOON