Now For The Hard Part - Pacey - Part 4

The next day at 11:30 she was still running a very high temperature so he wanted me to bring her in and he would meet me at the clinic. We did some x-rays and some blood work and he was very concerned. He said he didn't want to take any chances with her and he wanted me to take her to an internist at a specialty hospital in Austin the next day.

Monday morning my vet called me and said he had made the arrangements and I was to be there at 1 PM. Pacey and I arrived about ten till and checked in. She has always been an excellent traveler. Dr. Locke, the internist, wanted to do an ultrasound to see what was going on. Within minutes she was back and said that there was a growth on her spleen that needed to come out right now. Dr. Locke definitely had a sense of urgency about her and said she could bring in the surgeon to talk with me right then if I was ready they would proceed. Well I wasn't ready but I got ready real fast.

In comes Dr. O’Donnell.  By the way, they had brought Pacey back to me, she was not back in the back by herself.   Dr. O’Donnell thoroughly explained the situation and did his very best to comfort me. I was obviously very upset. He asked me if I had any questions. I said I just have one question, do you have a dog? He said he did.

I said, "I am sure that doing surgery is routine for you but nothing about this is routine for me, so all that I ask is that you treat Pacey like she was your own dog please."

He agreed and said that he would be removing the growth and her spleen. He said she doesn't need her spleen just like people don't need their spleen. He said that she would need to stay one night maybe two and he would call me later on in the day to let me know how everything went.

I have driven to Austin hundreds of times with Pacey, but it was really hard walking out of the hospital without her. I went to the hotel that she and I always used to stay in when we worked at the stadium. Another quick side note - another benefit of the service vest is you can stay in any hotel you want. It was really sad staying without her when I knew she wasn't feeling well. Just like he said, Dr. O’Donnell called me but he did not have good news. He said that he honored my wishes and treated her like he would've treated his own dog.  While he was removing the growth and her spleen she had an abscess on her liver that had burst so he had to take out part of her liver and put in a drain tube so the infection could drain out. Therefore she would need to stay in the hospital a few extra days.

He suggested that I ........

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