Now For The Hard Part - Pacey - Part 6

I have told just a few select people about what's going on with Pacey, and I think they know how sad the situation is and how it effects me.  But they think time will keep going, and I will eventually heal. I think that would be the case if life were still going on like it was when I had Katy. That's why I brought up what I was doing and dating someone and was involved in two different businesses. I had a lot of people depending on me. I call that life going on. A lot of you have felt my struggle to move on after Dear, well this is like Dear times 100.

Another little side note - Dear knows about Pacey. If she is not able to put aside our personal differences for Pacey then I don't ever, ever want to see her or talk to her ever again.  I recently found a letter that Dear wrote to me at the end of our relationship. At the end of the letter she wrote “remember the girls need you and love you.”  I just don't know what I will do if I lose Pacey. Right now I don't really feel like life is going on.

This can serve as today's entry.

Today she will not ..........

Part 7 SOON