I know I've talked about my first girlfriend Reagan before. Well it's official. She officially hates me. This is going to be a short post but I will write a longer one later. It's all kinds of little things, things like she doesn't even want me to leave her a voicemail? But she does want to get voicemails from other people? I guess I deserve it. All the other guys she's had in her life have been much better for her than me. I guess they have contributed to her life in much better ways then I could even think about.  In my longer post I will go into much more detail about each and every guy and how they were better than me. At least each one that I can remember. One things for sure she'll be far better off now that I am out of her life and not even friends with her any longer. I must say though this was her decision not mine. I think it's sad to lose a friend that you've had for over 20 years. I will take some time and do several podcast and write up several blog post detailing exactly what happened.