Random Thoughts For Today

I remember being in Dallas and a new game for the iPad had just been released. The is The Room. As a sidenote if you look in the App Store there are now three versions of this game. OK back to the story, The Room is a puzzle game I guess you would say. You're basically in a room and you have to find secret keys and other secret items to unlock various treasure chests and doors to complete the challenge. It was early in the morning and I had already woken up but I didn't want to wake up dear so I had just rolled over and I was working/playing on this game. Dear woke up not that long after I did and asked me if I was OK. I said I was OK I was just having some trouble sleeping again and I wanted to be quiet so she could keep sleeping. She said she love me and thank you. And then she got to looking at my iPad and before we knew it we were working/playing this game together. There we were in the new big Omni Hotel in downtown Dallas, I was laying on my side and she was laying on her side but resting on top of my shoulder so she could see the iPad. We stayed like that for probably two hours and had such a good time playing that game together.

What's my point? My point is I enjoyed doing just the simplest of things together. If I could ask Dear a question, one of my questions would be have you found a guy that enjoys just doing the simple little fun things with you? From what Dear has told me about her past relations with guys it's all been based on sex. Yes sex is a very important part of a relationship but what about just the simple little things? In other words I wonder if she has found a guy that would stick around if there were no sex? I love what Steve Harvey says in his book. He says that girls should not sleep with a guy for the first 90 days to see if the guy is serious. If the guy is serious he will respect her and wait patiently while finding other things to do. I can tell you as a guy if a girl did that to me I would respect her. It would actually do two things for me. It would ensure that I wasn't with her just for sex and it would ensure that she wasn't with me just for sex. 

Dear would tell me that it would give her a thrill to sleep with married man and other men that are inappropriate for her. She would also tell me that she has to learn her lessons the hard way. She would always say that like she was proud of it or something? I tried and tried and tried to let her know that I thought she was so incredibly beautiful, smart, passionate, fun, and a million other wonderful things. But still it wasn't enough. She'd rather live with four other people that she probably shouldn't be associating with and have inappropriate relationships with guys so she can learn her lessons the hard way?

She told me that one of the biggest reasons she had some of the horrific things she did was because she knew it would hurt me. Well let me clear something up just in case she reads this. Dear it worked, you hurt me. Hurt is not even a strong enough word, you devastated me. You can mark that off as achieved. It's taking some time to heal but I am healing. And I will never ever let her near me again. Anyone that would do such horrific things just to hurt someone they say they love has definitely got a few screws loose.