The Dream Part 2

There is no way under any circumstance that I could have made myself be with someone the last four months. I've been traumatized and I have a lot of healing to do but not her. Let me qualify this next statement, even if I got a letter from her or some communication I would not open it. And I will tell you why. Every time we have broken up she has gone and done something that she knew would hurt me and then runs back to tell me.  Prefacing it by telling me she knew it would really hurt me when she did it.  

She's doing things now that hurts me but I don't want to know anything other than that. What is the saying, the first time it's their fault and the next time it's your fault? Well it's not going to be my fault for getting hurt again. Unfortunately, she has shown her true colors and I hate that more than anything.

The Dream
A beautiful young girl is interested in me. I can tell she is attracted to me physically but is that all there is? I really enjoy spending time with her but will she enjoy spending time with me? She seems so interested in everything that I do.

Little did I know that was just the part that she had to play. There was a reason she wanted to know every little detail about me. The old saying of keep your friends close but your enemies closer? Only problem is I didn't know I was the enemy.

I opened up to her and shared all of my vulnerabilities all the times we were together then apart.  First time, second time and the third time.  I guess she's just young and hasn't figured things out yet, the rules of relationships, but she says she's sorry. I so want to believe that. Turns out that was all part of the game, I just didn't know I could lose so much.

What causes such.........

Part 3 SOON