Mother, Dear, And.... Part 2

She made the statement that when I was a child I could've always gone and lived with my mother. Am I the only person that remembers that my mother was also an alcoholic and abusive? Just because my dad was far more abusive and got all of the attention doesn't mean it was safe for me to live with my mother either.

I really miss my aunt and I wish that we could be close again. Which brings me to my mother. I don't miss my mother, because I don't remember being particularly close with her. When I was a child I remember having asthma terribly and her continuing to smoke around me when I asked her to stop. I remember having to go to the doctor and having to take five shots 30 minutes apart for my asthma and she just continued to smoke in the car and in the home. The other things that I remember about my mother are mainly that she did things that would look good to other people. Yes, some of them benefited me as well. I don't have ill feelings towards her I just don't really have any feelings at all.

I don't think anyone could or would say that my parents have a healthy relationship. I was thinking about this the other day, why is it that I have so much trouble in relationships? Perhaps it's partly because I never had a healthy relationship model to learn from. Children live what they learn. I learned that my parents stayed together even though they were very......

Part 3 SOON