The List

Some of the fine readers of this blog may remember in the early days I had a list of five people that I felt had affected me the most. Here's the list.

2011 The List

My list of the five people that have affected me the most(In no order). I am going to add to this from time to time. Who are your five and why?

1. My dad - Smart

2. Littleone - Perplexing 

3. The M-Word - Unavailable

4. Jim Rohn - Philosophy 

5. Bob Mayer - Integrity

I think it is about time I updated this list a little bit.

1. My dad - Smart - my dad is one of the smartest people I know. He has only been sober nine consecutive months of my lifetime, but still I consider him very smart.  I remember when I was a child people would always tell me look how smart your dad is drunk, imagine how smart he could be sober. My dadunlike myself does not get attached to people, places or things. I am the polar opposite. You can take me to a stadium to this day and I could take you to the exact spot that something happened that I remember. My dad just seems to move on. Sometimes I think he is able to do this effortlessly because of the alcohol.  For those of you who watched the TV show Dallas my dad is a lot like Jock Ewing and I am more like JR Ewing. Jock was slower to react and a lot more subtle. JR was.........

Part 2 SOON