The List Part 2

JR was a lot faster to react and there was no subtlety. This is the only significant long-term relationship I have had in my entire life. When he goes on, I might have to go with him. I just don't know what I would do?  It's such an awkward feeling to be an only child. I really wished I had a brother or sister.

2. Littleone - Perplexing - When I think back about her, she is very perplexing and our relationship was perplexing. I remember asking her towards the end how much of our relationship was real and how much of it was a lie. She said it was all real except for the lies!? Still to this day this relationship plagues me. I so wish that I could know if she really did love me, if she still does? I've been accused of going for girls just for their looks. That is somewhat true and I think we all do that, guys and girls. Out of all my relationships, Littleone is not the most beautiful compared to some of the others but to me I think I was most attracted to her. We just seemed to click in so many areas. We had excellent physical chemistry but then I just liked to talk to her as a friend then there was our work relationship. I really liked working with her. She was my first partner in the office. She married relatively soon after we broke up and then quickly divorced and is still single to this day. We broke up 10 years ago last January.

3. Jim Rohn - Philosophy - More later.

4. Bob Mayer - Integrity - More later

5. Dear - Fake - I hate more than anything..........

Part 3 SOON