The List Part 3

4. Dear - Fake - I hate more than anything that the number one word that comes to mind when I think about Dear is the word fake. But it's simply true. She was fake from the very beginning. She barely even made this list but I will tell you why she did.

All these people have affected my life in a positive way except Dear. Sort of. Let me explain. Having the relationship with Dear taught me to take people as they are. If people are liars I cannot ever change them, they will always be liars. I can't love them out of lying, wish them out of lying, or hope them out of lying. It's kind of like Jim Rohn says, "Why do liars lie? Because they're liars that's what they do." 

I think back to when Dear and I very first started dating. She was going to Austin to visit a friend and was supposedly coming back on a certain day. She ended up not coming back on the correct day and the whole thing about the trip just seemed a little fishy. It just didn't seem right. That's because it wasn't right. I later found out that she had taken another guy with her. This was in the very very beginning. I'm not even sure she had moved in yet. I just found that out in the last year or so but I should have listened to that little voice inside of me.

She quickly gathered information so she could package herself in exactly what I wanted. And I will give it to her, it worked. My question is, now what? That's what I would love to ask her and actually get an honest answer. She did all this manipulating and lying to get me. She got me for three years but what did she really get? What was the end goal? One of my friends said they thought she was a user. I never wanted to believe that to be true. But as I look over the past that's the only thing that really makes sense as she was using me for monetary benefits and physical benefits. I would love to ask her was it worth it? Doesn't that get old just moving from person to person and extracting from them everything that you can? Wow that just seems exhausting.