One Question Part 2

2. Dear told me that from day one she was rolling out of bed with me in the morning and going to meet another guy early before class literally from the beginning of our relationship. One question, why would Dear not consider how hurt the other people involved could get?

3. in the middle of one of our many breakups Dear had very intimate relations with a married guy for two reasons she told me. Reason one, she knew it would really really hurt me. Second reason is it would make her feel better about herself having the guy choose her over his wife. One question, why would you not consider how hurt the other people involved could get?

Dear would tell me that she never thought she was pretty enough or good enough or would ever find anyone that really loved her. Well I have news for her, I thought she was absolutely gorgeous. If I didn't think she was good enough I would not have let her move in (I have never lived with a girlfriend) and if I didn't really love her I would've been gone way before I actually left.

I want to focus, for a second, on the part where she didn't think she was good enough. Let me tell you a few things I really liked about Dear. Yes, I was very attracted to her and I thought she was very beautiful but there's actually other things that I loved more. I loved the way she thought about things. She was a writer and she wanted to improve herself and would not just settle. It's hard for me to really go into more detail because I realize these are all false things that I thought about her. What I was trying to say though was I loved her mind and heart more than just her physical body.

I don't use the word evil lightly. In fact.................

Part 3 SOON