Let me give you some updates from the past week or so. My dad and I had lunch together. Ordinarily, I realize that wouldn't be on someone's update list. But I cannot even tell you the last time that just he and I had lunch together with no one else. It's been years, literally.

Just to catch some of the readers up, I live out in the country on a farm and my parents live together in town. My dad comes out three or four days a week to check on the farm and that gives us a chance to talk. Depending on his intoxication level depends on how much talking we get to do. His intoxication level seems to be lower around me, which is a terrific thing.

Also last week, I had a little procedure on my neck and this brought up all kinds of emotions and feelings about my mother, of all things, and Dear. First, the procedure went fine and all is well. Second, let's discuss my mother for a moment. My dad had evidently told her that I was having this procedure, that he would be driving me home afterwards and she asked him if it would be alright for her to go. I needed a driver after the procedure was completed and I had already asked my dad.  But my mother wanted to go along with us I guess. I appreciate the gesture. That's far more than she's done in the past. But there is something she doesn't know about her lovely son. I get horrendous medical anxiety. I don't like medical things at all. You know those people that have surgery and you ask about them and they want to show you their big scar, that's my mother. I don't want to see the big scar! I don't want to hear about the surgery! I'm just being polite and asking how it was. I just get tremendously worked up when anything has to be done to me. So much so that.........

Part 2 SOON