Ordinarily Part 2

So much so that the doctor prescribed me some medication to take 30 minutes before the procedure and then again five minutes before the procedure. He said he would've given it to me via IV. So what does all of this have to do with my mother? Well my mother brings up a tremendous amount of anxiety! Medical procedures bring up a tremendous amount of anxiety! So, I sure don't need a double whammy.

I would like to make sure this is very clear, my mother has no idea that I have such anxiety towards medical procedures. I don't think she would've even asked if she had known. I'm not upset with her in the least for asking. In fact, it was nice of her to even want to go. I just hope she understands that that is not the best place for us to be together again and try to reconnect during a medical procedure. The best place for us to get to know each other again would be a counselor's office but that topic is for another day and another post. My mother did send home some food which was fantastic and very nice of her. My mother always was a very good cook. I was telling my dad the other day one of my favorite things my mother cooked was fried chicken.

Now let's move......

Part 3 Soon