My Distrust Of Women

Not that any of you would know but this time of year is Dear's birthday. I miss having someone to do sweet little somethings for.  I don't miss her specifically because I know she didn't appreciate what I did, but I do wish I had someone to do little things for that would appreciate it.

Something else has recently come to my thoughts. I really can't believe that I haven't put this together sooner. When I was in the sixth grade or so my mother moved out. She told both my dad and myself that she would not take any of the stuff in the house unless one of us was home because that was only fair. One weekend one of my cousins on my dad's side was getting married in San Antonio.  My dad and I went to the wedding and when we got home I remember asking my dad for the keys to unlock the door.  I unlocked the door and reached up to turn on the inside light. When I did, the light switch cover was gone! I ran back to the truck and told my dad we had been robbed!  I said, "Dad we have been robbed! They even took the light switch covers!" He looked at me with disbelief but nevertheless hurried in with me to the back door to find bare light switches. As we moved through the house, we found it was empty. I don't mean kind of empty, I mean REALLY empty. Our dishes had been switched out for different dishes, our silverware had been switched out for different silverware. Surprisingly, my bedroom furniture was left intact but most everything else was gone. There was an envelope on the bar with my dad's name on it. He opened it up and it was one of his wedding invitations that my mother had left for him and she had written inside of it something to this effect - On the day I married you I never thought it would end like this - We immediately called my mother and asked what in the heck what's going on? We asked her about what she had said about not moving anything unless one of us was home? She said that it was just convenient for her that weekend so she went ahead and moved everything without telling either one of us.

As time went on we got our things back. Here's what I mean by that. When she would got a new chair, we would got our old chair back. When she would got a new dining room suit we got our old dining room suit back. It took many years but slowly but surely we got many things returned. My dad was not nearly as upset about this as I was. I was upset not about the things but the fact that my mother had broken her word. And she was so casual about it! It was just convenient for her to move that weekend! Did she ever take into consideration what was convenient for her son and her husband?

Why do I bring this up now? I think my distrust of women goes way back to the sixth grade and my mother. In my life, women simply do not do what they say they're going to do. In my life, women do what is convenient for them at the time. Just like Dear, she did what was convenient for her at the time without regard for my feelings whatsoever.

That brings us to Brittany. So far Brittany has done everything that she said she would do. And I'm talking about just the little things too. Like being on time which may seem like a little insignificant thing but it's a big thing to me. It is refreshing to know that a woman can do what she says she's going to do. There's something different it seems about Brittany. It seems like she has a level of integrity I haven't often experienced. Granted I don't know her that well and I haven't known her for that long. We have really awesome co-hosting chemistry on the podcast, and off air we get along really well. Another interesting thing about her is she has strong opinions about things and they're not always in alignment with with my opinions yet we still get along and I like that. She is just the partner I've been looking for to take the podcasts to the next level and for that I am very grateful.