Dear - TimeClock Plus

Maria Ochoa from San Angelo, Texas always said she had low self-esteem. When you're constantly giving away the most intimate parts of yourself how could you possibly build any self-esteem? From what I'm told, at least the people over at TimeClock Plus have really gotten to know her intimately. I wish that Dear had finished her emotional business with me before just disappearing. Take a look at the photo below, were things really that bad? I still would like to know why Dear felt the need to be with all of these other people? Once again when she doesn't speak for herself I'm left just to fill in the blanks for myself which is not good. Have you ever heard the expression time heals all wounds? Well it works just the opposite for me. Time heals nothing, in fact the more time that goes by the worse things get. Did she ever really care at all? Does she care at all now? If she did or if she does I don't think there would be silence. I know why she hasn't contacted me, it's because nothing has changed. If she had turned things around I would be the first person she would want to tell. Unfortunately her silence speaks volumes.

I was so happy when Dear and I were together, before I knew she was cheating on me. I thought she was so beautiful. We had so much fun together in everything that we did. It could be just the smallest of things and it was fun. I wonder if she has found that now?