Jody's Roofing San Angelo Texas

Let me tell you about Jody's Roofing in San Angelo Texas. I needed a new roof, and Jody was highly recommended. Jody comes out and red flag number one was - Jody says don't worry about your deductible I'll take care of that for you. In my opinion this is what's wrong with the Insurance Business. I thought you were supposed to pick which deductible you wanted and which monthly premium you wanted and go with that? Then comes along companies like Jody's Roofing. They artificially inflate the price to try to cover the deductible.  What I don't think they realize is that at the time it may help the home owner, but in the long run it actually hurts the home owner, because the home owners rates will have to increase. Insurance companies are not dumb, they take the claims that were turned in, average them out, and that's how they come up with the monthly premiums (which then get increased). When we got that straightened out, Jody assures me that he will do whatever it takes to make sure there are no nails left behind. I think this guy has a professional roofing company, he runs three roofing crews. This can't be a new problem, and I'm sure he's got this under control. I was very very wrong!! Jody assures me that he's going to run two powerful magnets across everything to pick up every nail twice. He even shows them to me bragging on them. I tell Jody if one of my girls (Mattie or Larkin) gets a nail in her foot you're getting the vet bill. He says they won't. Jody's crew moves in and gets the job done. They take off and I take a simple walk around my house and notice nails everywhere. I think that they simply haven't done their nail check yet, so I call Jody. He assures me that he's going to come by later that day. He never shows up.  I call him the next day.  He tells me that the magnets are on another job.  As I'm walking around my house picking up nails I notice that when he backed up the trailer to my garage to offload the new shingles, he backed into my garage door and dented it? You guessed it.   I call Jody, yes he's coming right over to look at it and bring the magnets. He still hasn't shown up. Now when I called Jody he picks up the phone and hangs up on me! I still can't get him and it's been a week and a half! Let's recap.

Jody's Roofing - Jody Wagley 6600 Stokes Road San Angelo, Texas 76904 325-650-4500

  • Wants to scam insurance companies
  • Left nails all over the place
  • Backs a trailer into my garage door
 This is what he left in my yard

This is what he left in my yard