LOW 42 - Life Is a Sequence of Choices

Johnny and Maria discuss the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus throughout the retail market. Which phone did Johnny get on Friday? The benefits of having a podcast are talked about and Johnny talks a walk down memory lane and mentions what he likes about having a podcast and blog. Johnny brings up that he and Maria have been and are going through some extremely difficult and stressful situations. He realizes some things about that. He asks the listeners help with learning to forgive or to understand the concept of forgiveness. What can he do to learn to forgive? Maria asks the listeners for help on learning to trust yourself and then learning to trust other people with your most inner self. Continuing with the theme of relationships, Johnny and Maria discuss what things lead people to conform in relationships. Do you feel like you have settled for the person you are with? It appears that some people choose to make the easier choice instead of being happy alone. In closing, Maria sums up the conformity in terms of choices and how the choices you make up create who you are as a person and so much more!


Hosts: Johnny Wilde, Maria Ochoa


Oprah, Jim Rohn, Dr. Phil

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