Life Is a Sequence of Choices

This is my first post for the week. Every week I will be posting something about me and my life with Johnny. So I am calling it Dear’s Corner! A place where I can write whatever my heart desires. For those of you that actually read the blog posts that Johnny writes you probably already know about me. For those of you that are new, I guess you will get to know me along the way.

The last month or so for me has been the most life changing and wrenching moments I have ever gone through in my entire life. If it is even possible for me to say that I don’t even feel like the same girl that I was 3 months ago then I feel that way. It’s not that I feel like an entirely different person, its that I feel like I have gone through a metamorphosis. A good one at that.

Johnny and I did a podcast where we talked about choices. Choices in relationships. Choices in life. The more I got to think about that, I feel like life is a large chain of choices strung together to form what we call “me”. At the end of the day when all is said and done and you are no longer here on this earth, the only thing you have to show for yourself are the choices you made in life which equates to the type of person you were throughout your lifetime.

I find this such an interesting idea to grasp for some reason. I can honestly say that there are SO MANY choices that I have made that I regret making. Then today I finally realized while listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer was that I can either continue to regret that choice OR I can make another choice to learn from those things and let go of the emotions attached to the past choices. Life is today. I am slowly but surely learning to live in the present moment because, like Johnny keeps reminding me, there is no “magical moment” or “right time” for anything. The time is today right now. What were you doing right before you started reading this or what are you going to do after? I am starting to believe that the most important question I can ask myself is: What am I going to do today?