LOW 51 - Dr. Alcocer

This episode of LOW begins with Johnny explaining shortly what happened to his burnt hand and briefly mentions that he is releasing old posts that he had taken down previously. Johnny moves on to discuss his experience with primary care doctors and how he has struggled to find a good one since Carleton retired. He finally found one but after two visits got a letter informing him that Dr. Alcocer no longer wanted to see him. Then Johnny recounts how he celebrated New Years with Leo Laporte. As part of the festivities, Leo was raising funds for UNICEF and was auctioning off a bobble head, coffee mug, and voicemail greeting recording on eBay and Johnny won one of each! Today was the Super Bowl and Johnny and Maria saw Katy Perry for the halftime show. Then Johnny wanted to compare Shania Twain’s performance to Katy’s. Back to getting things on eBay, Johnny bought a Dallas script, Maria has been painting, and tune in to find out the whole story about the primary care doctor!

Hosts:  Johnny Wilde , Maria Ochoa

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