LOW 52 - Who Knows

This episode of LOW starts out with Johnny talking about the show open that Leo Laporte did for them. Johnny won it in an auction that TWiT had for New Year’s and the new open is included in this episode. Johnny also talks about how he managed to burn his hand and how it has healed. Recently, Johnny used Doctor on Demand, which is a new service that was started by Dr. Phil. Then Johnny and Maria talk about Maria’s ups and downs and how she using Science and Health to help her out. The weather is very cold and Shania Twain’s show ‘Still The One’ will be on for the first time on TV. Johnny recently had a birthday and Johnny mentions how it still gets to him that his mom cannot remember his birthday. Johnny and Maria discuss Squarespace pros and cons and Maria gives a short review on the original Dallas series. Tune in for more!

Hosts: Johnny Wilde @lifeofwilde, Maria Ochoa

Links: TWiT, Science and Health

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