X'mas is over

X'mas is over. I am glad. I must say when you have no one to share it
with it is kind of hard. I did go to austin to see some family but
that was a bit overwhelming. When you are use to being by yourself
then you're around all these people, it gets very tiring.

I have met a little
someone . Guess I should say little someone. I met a very cute flight
attendent on the plane the other day. We went on a date later that
night. She says she is flying back in on Monday for date #2. Time will
Merry Christmas all!!

Dr. Phil

Three years ago when Littleone and I separated a very dear friend sent me an article that was a question for Dr. Phil that he answered. Here is the question and the answer.

Question: For six months, I've been dating a great guy I've known half my life. A few weeks ago, his best friend asked us over to meet his new girlfriend. Long story short, my man leaves with her and later denies that anything happened, even though they spent the night together. Then I find out he has been meeting other women for the duration of our relationship. The amount and extent of the lying is overwhelming. Is it pathological? Sociopathic? Is it an illness I should be sympathetic to, and is it curable? Or should I just get rid of him?

Answer: This is an easy one: Get rid of him! Don't waste your time with Psych 101 labels, because it doesn't matter what you call his condition, he doesn't have a place in your life. The best predictor of future behavior is relevant past behavior. He has cheated, lied, and betrayed you, and that all adds up to a pattern of deceit. You can count on more of the same if you stay in this. I don't care how charming he is or how well he treats you when you're together. He has shown a lack of impulse control and blatant disregard for you feelings. Those characteristics are drop-dead deal breakers. It's time to cut your losses and kick him to the curb.

Johnny's response: This is exactly what happened to me, except change the genders.

Dallas Part 3

As things are getting organized to proceed to South Fork, Jason panics and realizes he has no security to walk with JR down the red carpet once he arrives. So, of course, I volunteer. "Hey I've got a buddy with me, he and I can do that. You just need us to walk him down the red carpet right?" Yes, thats all. Little Buddy and I become Wildeco Security, Inc. We arrive back at South Fork, the stars walk down the red carpet, JR flies in and WE walk him down the red carpet. "Get Back. Excuse us. Coming through." Captured by video footage. Yes, I can prove it.

The rest of the night was spent serving the stars. I was back and forth gathering drinks for the stars, making sure JR had wine for his wife (which I delivered to the back of the bus and when he answered the bedroom door he was standing in his boxer shorts!) I've seen JR in his underwear in real life! At one point during the night, Jason finally asks me what my name was and then quickly sends it out over the walkie talkies that Johnny Wilde has an all access pass to any of the event. I had been such a good help he wasn't going to let me go.

As things finally started winding down, the stars were all seated eating their meal and it was time for Little Buddy and I to get something to eat. I told Jason where we were going and he invited us back to the bus after we had had our meal. Okay, so we can't turn down an invitation. Stepping onto the bus was like stepping into a Motley Crue Video. Girls, Girls, Girls. Young girls being served alcohol as fast as possible. Jason comes staggering out of the back bedroom, his eyes wired on something. Needless to say, my acting only goes so far and Little Buddy and I split.

After returning home, I find out later that we have made Channel 8 Dallas News footage on the red carpet with JR. Many of the fans were super upset over the way the event went and were asking for refunds on their expensive ticket money. It made the evening news. Jason ends up being a friend or family member of JR's and thats how he gets production credits but obviously wasn't prepared for the pressure. He should of contacted me much earlier in his planning stages. One more life experience to write down in the book.