The Frog And The Scorpion

One of my favorite moral stories is the one about the frog and the scorpion. It has a good lesson, but when I discuss it with others, many unfortunately miss the point.

If you get it, it can save you a whole lot of heartache when dealing with others.

Let’s see if you get the point…

One day a scorpion is hanging around the side of a stream. A frog happens by on his way across the stream. The scorpion cannot swim so he stops the frog and asks if he can climb on his back for a ride across the water.

“Do you think I am crazy?” The frog says. “If I let you on my back, you’ll certainly sting me and I’ll sink in the water and die.”

The scorpion replies, “hey just think about it for a second, I can’t swim. If I sting you, then you’ll die and I’ll sink and die too.”

The frog thinks for a second and decides that makes sense, so he proceeds to give the scorpion a ride across the stream.

About half way across the stream, the scorpion stings the frog. The frog screams “What are you doing? Why did you sting me? Now I am going to drown and die and you are going to sink and die too.”

The scorpion says “because I am a scorpion.”


I know by the comments that some of you leave that you like some of these unbelievable stories. Especially the one about Larry Hagman. Well get ready because there's a Shania Twain story that you really won't believe. In fact it happened to me and I can't believe it. Here's a little teaser. I was so close to Shania Twain I could smell her. And yes I did meet her stay tuned for details..................